What started out as a camping weekend with friends, changed my life. I fell in love with SoapMaking. By chance we visited a small town in Texas, with a rural town square. After cruising around the town and looking at old historic buildings we found a little shop that had soaps and essential oil products for sale. I had never thought about making soap or using essential oils but what the heck we went in…..Oh My Golly! The fragrance in this shop was awesome, peaceful yet exciting all at the same time. The shop owner was awesome she fixed us up with a great sample package to take home and believe me I couldn’t wait to hit the shower at the RV park that night. And the rest is history.
After a few weeks of researching and watching bunches of videos I made my first batch of soap. It was awesome! The signature soap of the Little SoapHouse ….Rosemary Spearmint Bath/Shampoo bar. Of course I immediately let my friend try the bar as she had purchased a bar from the soap shop we found while camping. She loved it, she shared it and now I had 2 followers of my soap! I haven’t changed the recipe since.
Each day I learn more about soap making. I can’t wait to try each and every new recipe I see. I hope to start a little Blog at some point and share my journey. But for now, let me help you find the Natural in you. Starting with Soap.


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We are located on the Prairies in Lubbock, Texas