A proprietary blend of Coconut Oil, Olive oil and Palm Oil make up the basic “recipe” for our soaps. Let’s look at how each ingredient brings out the Natural in You. 

Common Name: Coconut Oil  

Botanical Name : Cocos Nucifera  

We use coconut oil because of its fluffy lather, lively bubbles and it helps in producing a hard bar.  Coconut Oil nourishes the skin keeping it soft and incredibly smooth. It can help prevent dry chapped skin. Coconut oil is light and not greasy. It leaves your skin with a radiant, youthful and glowing sheen. Coconut oil will not clog pores and it absorbs readily into the skin.

Common Name: Olive Oil  Botanical Name : Olea europaea

Olive oil is a great component in a heart-healthy salad dressing, but its benefits don’t end there. Since ancient times, people have taken advantage of the skin-softening benefits of this miracle oil. When blended to make a soap, olive oil contributes to smoother, more elastic skin. Olive oil soap cleans your skin without stripping away the natural oils — so you don’t end up dry and flaky after it’s use. Olive oil also allows the skin to sweat and shed cells naturally; commercial soaps that contain synthetic cleaners and fragrances can block your pores and cause irritation.

Common Name: Palm Oil  Botanical Name :  Elaeis guineensis

Palm oil has become very popular with the shift to all vegetable soap making from the traditional use of tallow and lard. It is very high in palmitic acid which makes our soap hard and long lasting. The lather is very nice and conditioning.

While these are not the ONLY oils used in our soap, you can see why we chose to use these 3 in our basic recipe. You will find each bar of our soaps labeled with ingredients specific to that bar.SoapHouse