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  1. I’m a very rough and tumble kinda guy and my wife was given this soap, I truly could not believe how well the pumpkin spice with the loffa inside cleaned my nasty, greasy hands ! Really really awesome soap. I would recommend it to any guy, just give it a try and you will know why!

  2. I used the Hisbiscus Bergamot with goats milk on my face one night to give it a try. I’ve used everything else to try to help smooth subtle acne but to no avail. Right away I noticed how much smoother my face felt with some of the bumps gone. Amazing. I give this an A! This product is amazing for all over!

  3. My favorite is the peppermint soap! I use it on my face and gives me a clean and fresh feeling afterwards. I have very sensitive skin and some products have harsh chemicals that really irritated my skin, but not this!! I use it everyday! And even though the peppermint is a Christmas soap Stephanie whips me up a batch anyways. I love it!!!

  4. It’s hard to have a favorite because you’re always coming up with new scents that I love. However my favorite is Butterfly Kisses, I wash my hands constantly with having a new born and they are always so soft and smell great! This one has a really long lasting scent!

  5. My absolute favorite is the peppermint! I use to always break out on my face until I used the peppermint! My face has never been more clear! I love the soaps that are made here! If you have sensitive skin just as I do I recommend the little soap house products!

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